About Rebecca

Rebecca Galardo is a self-taught artist currently specializing in People and Animal portraits.  She is working on three original projects. 
She lives in Ray City with her husband and far too many rescue animals. She loves art, reading, creating and riding her motorcycle.

"Why Do I Create Art?
All the art I create is a tribute. That might sound a bit off but I can show you why.

My Animal and People Portrait Commissions are the easiest to explain. They are a tribute to you. You in the pictures, you commissioning the pieces, your pets, the friends or loved ones whose pets are in the pictures. They are a tribute to love, the greatest power on the planet.

My Infertility Series seems to be the most unlikely a thing to create a tribute to. It’s not a tribute to the condition, however, but more to the raw pain and emotion I feel. There is both this hollow feeling and a ‘so full of emotion I’m going to burst open and coat everything in my life with pain’ feeling. And more, so much more. The art I create relieves a portion of that for me. To share these feelings with the world leaves me feeling vulnerable and naked and a bit scared, but to show others they are not alone and bring across that these feelings are normal and okay and part of life is important. We have to learn to live with them while we make better lives for ourselves.

My Dark Dreams series is also a tribute. It’s to the little girl broken by a past that was NOT HER FAULT. The little girl who is still afraid of the dark, the quick snap of sudden boiling anger, the implications of blood relation, the hard hand, the loneliness, the fictitious monsters and the real ones. The truth behind a drunken, high, mentally disturbed villain masquerading as a hero.

I create my FanArt because I’m involved and passionate about the subject matter. Whether it is musicians, movies, series, video games or an actor… There are no limits to what you can be a fan of and I love to show my passion and appreciation through art.

Anything I create is something that moves me or someone else (commissions) which in turn stirs a longing in my soul to make art. Things that speak to my core deserve tribute and my way of saying ‘this matters’ and ‘thank you for this creation’ is to create art.

Current Preferences in Mediums:
Faber Castell and Mars Lumograph Graphite Pencil on Canson 18lbs Acid Free Archival Marker Paper
Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers on Translucent Yupo Paper
Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints on Canvas and MDF Board
Prismacolor and Polychromos Colored Pencil on Fabriano 'Studio Watercolor' - 140lbs Hot Press 25% Cotton

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